Neck Tag Labels

The Brief:

Neck Tag Labels – The client traditionally used shrink sleeve labels for their packaging. Due to application issues, the client wanted to move away from shrink sleeve labels. It was really important for the client to have a label that children would identify with as well as having great shelf appeal.

The Solution – Neck Tag Labels:

Since the client had already tried self-adhesive labels and was looking for something different, we proposed a neck tag. The neck tag was printed on both sides to allow for all necessary information to be included. The tag allowed a large surface area to be decorated in the front and all nutritional information printed on the reverse side. By laminating the neck tags, the colours on the label was enhanced as well as the added benefit of protecting the neck tag against moisture. The Label-it design team came up with “Boris the bear” to appeal to children and the client loved it so much that they decided to carry “Boris the bear”  throughout the range.