Thermal Labels Printing South Africa

Thermal labels are generally used for printing variable information, for example, bar codes and weights. One of the advantages of using thermal labels is that you can print a high-quality, full colour design suitable for your entire line of products, and then over print the description, ingredients and bar code of each specific product. The obvious benefit is that you can have a vast range of products without having to have a large stock of many different labels. You also save money on origination and plate costs which can be R 1500.00 per design.

In thermal transfer printing the print head of the thermal label printing machine generates heat in the desired shape you wish to print. The heat melts the wax or resin on the transfer film and the image is “pressed” on to the label. The difference between thermal transfer printing, and thermal printing, is that no ribbon is used in the direct thermal printing process. The advantage of using thermal transfer is that the label will not discolour when exposed to heat or sunlight.

thermal labels

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